We have 3 boats for your charter and fishing pleasure. No matter what you need, we have the boat for you! From a six passenger fishing excursion to a 115 person party with full catering, or even just a nighttime cruise.

Captain James Wolf - Captain Bob Fishing Fleet :: Mattituck, Long Island, NY


Captain James Wolf is a lifer and has worked on the Captain Bob for about as long as it has been here. He started off working with his father, John Wolf, out of Montauk running charters and has grown into an avid hunter and a professional fisherman. Capt. James is an excellent black fisherman, and he works hard to catch the trophy fish Mattituck is known for. Capt James runs most of the charters, and you will see that he is dedicated- spending most of his time on deck with the customers and will always put in overtime to make sure your experience is a memorable one. When James is not fishing, he is hunting-it is all he does and he is darn good at it.


Captain Jon Bowen has been fishing the Long Island Sound for his entire life. Captain Jon hails from The Celtic Quest Fleet and with him he will brings new tactics, fish finding knowledge, and a slew of new fishing spots for blackfish, porgies and striped bass on the Connecticut side of the Sound. He will be pioneering new trips both afternoon and night to go where no party boat has gone before! Captain Jon has worked out of Port Jefferson for 15 years as well as out of Orient Point and will always put in the effort and overtime to make your fishing experience a memorable one.

Captain John Wolf - Captain Bob Fishing Fleet :: Mattituck, Long Island, NY


Sometimes Captains come and Captains go, but sometimes they are taken from us. Captain John "Wolfie" passed away last year and a piece of the fleet passed with him. He was a fine fisherman and excellent captain; we are lucky to have his son to carry on his tradition and skill- he was loved by those that worked with him and by those that shared a spot on the rail- he will be missed.

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